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Surviving the Holiday Food Gremlins – Article

Eve Tamar Berman, DO

Eve Tamar Berman, DO

Do you feel left out of holiday “fun” because you can’t eat the goodies everyone else can? Do you dread going to parties for fear of insulting the host or hostess when you find there is no food you can eat?

The article link below offers you ways to negotiate these events with grace and leave feeling nourished and full.

To stave off the most tenacious food gremlins, keep in mind the purpose of the holidays is celebration of family, friendships, and community. Although food and drinks are fulfilling pleasures, true fulfillment comes from within. Remember … Continue Reading →

Hot Water Therapy & Hydrogen – Video

with Faris AlHajri, PhD-AM

with Faris AlHajri, PhD-AM

Hot water therapy enhances the hydrogen in your body organs.

In the video link below learn how hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant and plays various vital roles in your health system.

Video Link: Hot Water Therapy & Hydrogen with Dr. Faris AlHajri 

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Overcoming Holiday Excesses – Article

Donald B. Ardell, PhD

Donald B. Ardell, PhD

Are you wondering how best to meet the daunting challenge of managing your weight during the lengthy period of holiday temptations?

The article link below offers you advice for how to develop a plan for the holiday season at hand. Consider which of the options offered might work for you.

Whichever strategy you choose, don’t overlook the point of it all: think about and be joyously appreciative of your opportunities, good fortunes and the wonderful people in your life–and be grateful.

Article Link: Overcoming Holiday Excesses by Donald B. Ardell, PhD

For additional articles, visit the … Continue Reading →

Balance, Stress, and Optimal Health – Video

with Emmett Miller, MD

with Emmett Miller, MD

Dr. Miller offers you a deeper understanding of how the mind and body can work in harmony to produce healing, balance and wellness.

In the video link below learn how this deeper understanding can help you to reclaim your inborn personal wisdom and integrate with the scientific knowledge and techniques of modern medicine.

Enjoy the benefits of uniting the seemingly disparate fields of knowledge and experience.

Video Link: Balance, Stress, and Optimal Health with Emmett Miller, MD

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Holiday gifts can include health tips

AHHA-Logo-BlogAre you looking for a special holiday gift to motivate a loved one to get more involved in his/her quality of wellness? AHHA members have written books and created CDs and DVDs that are filled with tips for improving our health. You can learn more at Health-related Books, CDs, DVDs… and the Books/ Other Media section of the AHHA Organizational Member list.

 … Continue Reading →

Food and Exercise: The Drugs of Choice – Article

Paul Chek, HHP, NMT

Paul Chek, HHP, NMT

It’s often said that variety is the spice of life. Interestingly, the average person only eats 10-12 foods on a regular basis. Not much variety! Most people have the same problem with exercise. They do the same routine and get bored easily.

The article link below explores how changing and rotating your diet and exercise program can keep you healthy and get you out of your boring food and diet rut.

Learn great strategies that will remind you to think about adding spice and variety to your life.

Article Link: Food and Exercise: The Drugs of Continue Reading →

Why is Fructose Damaging to the Body?

David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM

David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM

High-fructose corn syrup damages the body in multiple ways. It’s not damaging only because it is made from corn or that is made from genetically-modified ingredients, although these are certainly factors. Fructose can actually help cause diabetes because it promotes insulin resistance. Fructose is metabolized by the liver and is far more likely than glucose to be metabolized as fat in the liver. This can lead to non-alcholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD in turn leads to insulin resistance which promotes Type II diabetes. So, high-fructose corn syrup and fructose in general is not only … Continue Reading →

Sleep Better Insomnia Acupressure Points – Video

with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

Do you have a problem getting to sleep?

In the video below learn acupressure ankle points to sedate your energy for counteracting insomnia, plus tips to get to sleep.

Pressing these ankle points together can enable your body to relax deeply for a good night’s sleep. These techniques are easy to teach your child.

Video Link: Sleep Better Insomnia Acupressure Points with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

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Vitamin D likes a bit of fat

evidenceresearcharticles-blog“The sunshine vitamin just found a new friend—dietary fat.” from a healthnotes® NEWSWIRE research article “Dietary Fat Helps Boost Vitamin D Absorption.”

For more conditions check out the Evidence-based Research Articles database.… Continue Reading →

Three Simple Choices for Remaining Healthy This Holiday Season – Article

Erin Chamerlik, MS, MT (ASCP)

Erin Chamerlik, MS, MT (ASCP)

As this year is drawing to a close, we find our calendars are beginning to fill with parties and gatherings to celebrate the November and December holidays.

In the article link below learn about three simple choices that will not only support your health, but also create a springboard for shedding both poor eating habits and extra weight.

Choose to eat more whole foods. Choose foods that support health. Choose healthier beverages.

Article Link: Three Simple Choices for Remaining Healthy This Holiday Season by Erin Chamerlik, MS, MT (ASCP)

For additional articles, visit the American … Continue Reading →

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