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What is a Healthy Blood Sugar (Blood Glucose) Level?

David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM

David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM

The medical and health communities are not certain what the blood sugar level (blood glucose level) of the healthiest people should be. According to the observations of some health practitioners, the healthiest long-lived people have a blood sugar level (and, again, it’s really blood glucose level) between 75 and 85. Between 75 and 85 would be an excellent blood sugar level for anyone who wishes to remain healthy. That’s not exact. It can exceed that, but this range gives you a frame of reference.  If your lab tests are returned to you with a blood … Continue Reading →

6 tips to Control Your Food Cravings – Video

with Daniel Amen, MD

with Daniel Amen, MD

Did you know that strong food cravings could be playing havoc with your decision making? When your blood sugar goes low, less blood flows to your brain – and contributes to you make poor decisions.

In the video link below learn six important tips for dealing with cravings:
1. Keep blood sugar balanced.
2. Get rid of artificial sweeteners.
3. Stress management program.
4. Outsmart the food triggers.
5. Deal with hidden food allergies.
6. Use supplements to help cravings.

If these are not enough, you may be a compulsive overeater and need more tools.

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Influence of soft-drink manufacturers – Issue

softdrinksA just published university study has generated quite a stir in the news this month. On the one hand there is the concern about the rise in obesity in the American public linked to consumption of sugared beverages. Suggested solutions include educating consumers about nutrition and taxes on soft drinks. On the other hand there are the generous donations from major corporations with significant market share of the soft-drink industry funding consumer health programs and lobbying efforts fighting the taxation of sugared beverages. Is this smart PR or a serious conflict of interest?

ISSUE: Is the influence of soft-drink manufacturers … Continue Reading →

When Your Friends Do Not Understand Your Mental Health Condition – Article

Stan Popovich

Stan Popovich

If you are seeing a counselor and get a diagnosed of a mental health condition, such as depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, addiction, OCD, or some other mental health disorder, how are your relatives and closest friends reacting? The problem is that some of them get on your case and do not understand what you are going through.

The article link below offers you four ways to deal with this type of situation.

Remember your goal is to get better. Focus on getting better, not trying to get everyone’s approval.

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Proper Digestion to Increase Energy – Video

with Lester “Mac” McCurtis

with Lester “Mac” McCurtis

How much do you know about your digestive system?

In the video link below learn about the digestive system and how to increase energy with good digestive health.

This also includes information about enzymes, probiotics, aloe vera, supplements, and behaviors that inhibit good digestion.

Video Link: Proper Digestion to Increase Energy with Lester “Mac” McCurtis

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Special educational opportunities – AHHA Resource

AHHA-Logo-BlogUnder Self-Help Tools you will find listings for AHHA Organizational Members that offer products, services, and educational opportunities you can use to enhance your health and well-being.

  • Check out the Education-Personal category for online and in-person courses and seminars, plus publications.
  • Check out the Education-Professional category for educational institutions appropriate for individuals considering a career in the healthcare field.

Any of these intrigue you?

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How to Make Exercise Feel More Like an Adventure – Article

Naomi Teeter

Naomi Teeter

There are so many folks who won’t exercise unless it’s fun. That’s why we have so many zumba dance classes and 5K themed runs. People who want to have fun love these kinds of exercise. But some people still won’t exercise.

The article link below offers you ideas for making every workout both fun and rewarding.

Article Link: How to Make Exercise Feel More Like an Adventure by Naomi Teeter

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Steaming Vegetables: Frequently Asked Questions

Judy E. Buss

Judy E. Buss

* Why steam vegetables? When vegetables are cooked immersed in water, a considerable amount of their nutrients leaches into the water and is lost when drained after cooking. Soups and stews are the exception, since the liquid is consumed as well. Steaming vegetables is one of the best and fastest cooking method for preserving their nutrients, taste, color, and texture. It is also a much healthier alternative to fried, canned, or commercially pre-cooked ones.

* Can I steam more than one vegetable at a time? Absolutely, as long as you choose ones which require approximately the same … Continue Reading →

Health Care Issues in USA – Video

with Emmett Miller, MD

with Emmett Miller, MD

Most diseases are the result of how we handle stress and treat other people. Unfortunately, the current failing health care system in the USA just treats the symptoms of created imbalances.

In the video link below learn why, if we address stress, anxiety, and relationships, 80-90% of our illnesses would disappear.

Video Link: Health Care Issues in USA with Emmett Miller, MD

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On Heart Centered Meditation

Marcey Shapiro, MD

Marcey Shapiro, MD

I have spent a lot of time examining my heart. This is an ongoing process that involves perceiving the physical structure (the beating heart) as well as the emotional/spiritual organ. I have noticed that every emotion I feel resonates in my heart. I have painstakingly tracked my emotions: the ones that feel good such as love, fulfillment, and wonder, and those that feel not so good such as anger, fear, and worry. Each of them resonates physically in my heart.

There is much to be gained by such examination. It can become a great habit.  I have

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