Get Well(ness)

Who needs a caring
message from you?

AHHA offers you a unique opportunity to send Get Well(ness) messages to someone you care about. Below are miniatures of each message. Click on an image to view full sized. After you view a full sized message, click on the BACK button in the upper left corner of your screen to return to this menu. This free service is available because of the caring donated services of the healthcare professionals who selected the messages and the artists and photographers who provided the backgrounds. All you have to do is:

  • Decide who needs a Get Well(ness) message
  • Select the appropriate message and note the code # (GW1, GW2, etc.)
  • Address a personal e-mail from you to the person
  • Add your message including… “I have selected a special Get Well(ness) message just for you. To view go to” (inserting the code # of the message you selected).
  • Send your e-mail message.




Message GW1
Know that I care
Message GW2
Know that I am with you. There is much love for you on your pathway to wellness.
Message GW3
The clouds of life bring texture to our days, the storms of health bring courage to our task. the sun beckons to a brand new healthy day.
Message GW4
Get Well(ness)
Message GW5
In the middle of chaos, Hold on and remember… It’s all about faith. It’s all about trust.
Message GW6
Act as if you are. Act as if you have. Act as if you do. And it shall be.
Message GW7
Life is a Journey
Message GW8
On your healing journey to bear witness to your story per chance, to take your hand and guide you down the path. I indeed know what you are feeling! I have been there myself.
Message GW9
Get Wellness!
Message GW10
Think of your healing as a health opportunity
Message GW11
You can’t stop the waves from coming to shore, but you can certainly learn how to ride them!
Message GW12
The thoughts of our being, create the being of our thoughts. The words of our spirit, create the spirit of our words.