AHHA Board
of Directors

Our amazing leaders

The first AHHA Board of Directors decided to make all AHHA materials available at no charge. This plan was based on running the organization with volunteer staff, donated office space, and small contributions from people nationwide. We are honored to introduce these hardworking volunteers currently serving on our AHHA Board of Directors:

Suzan V. Walter, MBA – President
Mira Dessy, NE – Treasurer
Omar Akhter, MD – Secretary
Herbert L. Jacobs, MD, FACOG, ABHM
Rachel Kahn, MS, CISSP, PMP, ISSMP

Suzan V. Walter, MBA, is co-founder and  president of the American Holistic Health Association. She previously served as president of the American Holistic Medical Foundation from 1988 to 1990. In addition to volunteering 30 hours a week for AHHA, she is semi-retired from her private business consulting practice.
Mira Dessy, NE , known as The Ingredient Guru, is a holistic nutritionist, author, popular public speaker, and real food advocate, emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle through whole foods. A Certified Nutrition Educator and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Mira’s professional memberships include National Association of Nutrition Professionals, Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, and Holistic Business and Wellness Alliance (founding member). For over twelve years she has supported clinical clients by helping them incorporate ingredient-based programming into their practice to support patients with chronic health issues. Her consumer education includes her books, speaking, and website at theingredientguru.com.
Omar Akhter, MD, is a Board-Certified Internist who uses an integrative approach with his patients in his outpatient practice. After doing an Internal medicine residency in New York and working as a hospitalist in New Jersey, Dr. Akhter moved to Austin, Texas where he started a direct primary care practice aimed at making primary care affordable and accessible to his community. He found his calling in helping patients deal with their chronic illnesses in a holistic manner. He sees medicine as an art and a mode of service towards humanity. He remains committed to fixing our broken healthcare system.
Herbert L. Jacobs MD, FACOG, ABHM, is an educator, author and lecturer on mid-life wellness research programs. Before retirement, his medical career included 35 years as an OB GYN. After retirement he became Board Certified in Holistic Medicine, then medical director of the Denver School of Nursing. Currently, he is on the University of Colorado Clinical Faculty, the spokesperson for the Colorado Medical Society’s Task Force on Holistic and Complementary Integrated Medicine, and assistant medical editor of Complementary Health Practice Review. He works to establish community programs for helping people improve their own health and staying well.
Rachel Kahn, MS, CISSP, PMP, ISSMP, is a corporate executive and holistic leader. She is passionate about inspiring people to live their empowered wholeness. Rachel specializes in cybersecurity compliance, green energy, alliance strategies, and enabling optimal health. Rachel founded Emerald Life, Inc, a cybersecurity compliance company. Rachel is also the founder of LoveSelf, an online magazine focused on self-love stories and guidance. Rachel is a global business leader, an energy healer, a gluten free paleo baker, and a happiness writer. She has traveled the country sharing the stories of inspiring people advocating for earth healing and overcoming personal challenges with the power of self-love.