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AHHA Special Updates Reports (monthly)

AHHA sends out a brief email report each month with items of interest to those actively enhancing their health and well-being. The Archives of these Special Reports are maintained for those who are not yet signed up to receive them by email.

Each AHHA Special Updates Report issue includes:
1) Featured Research item — Credible research results that you might not otherwise hear about. We select the research item from outside sources with their own quality screening protocols.

2) Featured Issue item — We look for a health issue or health freedom issue. While we stay impartial on issues, we bring you both Pro and Con sources, so you can be well informed and make up your own mind about which position you support.

3) Featured AHHA Resource item — There are so many resources in the AHHA website, by featuring one each month you will eventually learn about everything. And it is a reminder that this site is here for you.

AHHA Featured Video & Article Alerts (weekly)

Each week we select a video from our Self-Help Videos and an article from our collection of Self-Help Articles and post for that week on the home page of our site. Many people check into our site once a week to see what the video and article are for that week. You can do this too OR you can sign up to receive the video and article titles and URLs emailed to you. If the video or article look interesting, all you have to do is double click on the URL and you are taken directly to the online video or article.

Special Notices (periodically)

On occasion we have something special to share with you and would like your permission to send you a special email.