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Recapture Your Health – Article

There are various ways to reach the goal of vigorous health and wellness. In the article link below the authors share their recommended path for improving your health. They developed this path with more than thirty-eight years of their professional experience working with thousands of patients struggling with a wide variety of conditions. They found this path to wellness reliable and effective.

The 3LS Wellness Program is named after the image of support, stability, and balance of a wooden 3-Legged Stool. The program consists of three practices – relaxation, diet and exercise. The goal is to avoid and resolve chronic … Continue Reading →

Hot Water Therapy and Hydrogen – Video

Hot water therapy enhances the hydrogen in your body organs.

In the video link below learn how hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant and plays various vital roles in your health system.

Video Link: Hot Water Therapy & Hydrogen with Dr. Faris AlHajri 

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Our relationship of sleep with stress, depression and loneliness – Research Article

“For people with insomnia due to hyperarousal, cognitive behavioral strategies can re-build positive sleep while unraveling negative associations with the bed, and shifting dysfunctional sleep thoughts to sleep-promoting thoughts.” From a Townsend Letter research article, “Psychological Causes and Treatments for Insomnia” by Catherine Darley, ND.

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Think About the Best of Times, or ‘DBRUs!’ – Article

What are the best of times for you? Do these times occur often enough? To create such times, all we need are simple reflections of gratitude, and conscious appreciations of wonder.

The article link below describes steps to help you bring on a new appreciation for your life.

Let this article put you in a good and inquisitive mood for the day and fire up your commitment to take charge of your life.

Article Link: Think About the Best of Times, or ‘DBRUs!’ by Donald B. Ardell, PhD

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3 Steps to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease – Video

Losing your memory or developing brain fog is NOT normal. Just because it happens to so many people doesn’t mean that it’s optimal or healthy.

The video link below reminds you that prevention, early diagnosis, and intervention remain your most powerful allies.

Video Link: 3 Steps to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease with Daniel Amen, MD and Tana Amen, BSN, RN

Memory problems need to be taken seriously at any age!

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The food you eat talks to your genes – Issue

If there’s one thing the last several decades of nutrition research have proven, it’s that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet. We have to face the fact that the traditional dietary recommendations do not optimally suit everyone. This may explain the ongoing lack of consensus as to what constitutes a “healthy diet.” While many aspects of nutrition are at play here, one emerging reason certain eating plans work for one person but not another may have to do with individual genetics. Known as nutrigenomics, the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard … Continue Reading →

How to Choose a Holistic Practitioner – Artcle

Your first responsibility as a patient/client is to select a practitioner who will join your “team” to support you in obtaining and maintaining optimum health for your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

When choosing a practitioner, make sure that individual has the same type of philosophy and uses the treatment modalities you are seeking.

The article link below offers you considerations as a guide to help you find a practitioner with whom you are comfortable. Optimum health is more likely to be present when you work with someone who is supportive of your efforts to be in charge of your … Continue Reading →

Incorporate Healthy Snacks into Your Day!

Hooray, it’s snack time!  However, that does not mean fatty, sugary, junk food.  “Chain-nibbling” between or instead of meals, is also counterproductive. Believe it or not, one small portion of a nutritious goodie between meals offers several health benefits: First of all, it helps maintain a normal weight by preventing the development of ravenous hunger between meals, followed by overeating at mealtime. Second, healthy snacks increase nutritional intake without the guilt associated with them, as in: “eat it today, wear it tomorrow!”  Third, this strategy aids in maintaining a steady blood glucose level; Wide glucose fluctuations wreak havoc on every … Continue Reading →

Sleep Better Insomnia Acupressure Points – Video

Do you have a problem getting to sleep?

In the video below learn acupressure ankle points to sedate your energy for counteracting insomnia, plus tips to get to sleep.

Pressing these ankle points together can enable your body to relax deeply for a good night’s sleep. These techniques are easy to teach your child.

Video Link: Sleep Better Insomnia Acupressure Points with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

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Discover new wellness options – AHHA Resource

AHHA Organizational Member companies offer innovative wellness-enhancing products and services to support your journey to a higher level of wellness. In our online Resource section, check out the PRODUCTS and SERVICES categories of the AHHA Self-Help Tools searchable database.… Continue Reading →