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In the Middle Life Happens – Article

Carol Ross Edmonston

The article link below shares one woman’s spiritual adventure with breast cancer and the doodles that healed her soul. She states that, “Life taught me that I don’t always have control over what comes into my life, only in how I choose to respond to things. While I didn’t choose to have breast cancer, I did choose to not let the diagnosis define how I would experience that medical adventure. I’ve come to realize that everything that comes my way has the potential to transform me if I am willing to embrace and surrender to the unknown. … Continue Reading →

Healthcare Issues in USA – Video

with Emmett Miller, MD

Most diseases are the result of how we handle stress and treat other people. Unfortunately, the current failing health care system in the USA just treats the symptoms of created imbalances.

In the video link below learn why, if we address stress, anxiety, and relationships, 80-90% of our illnesses would disappear.

Video Link: Health Care Issues in USA with Emmett Miller, MD

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Should women use acid blockers during pregnancy? – Issue

Many expectant mothers experience heartburn. Recent research may make them more cautious about what they use to treat it. A University of Edinburgh study has found that women who use heartburn medication in pregnancy were more likely to have children who developed asthma. The reason for this effect is unclear, but some think that the drugs interfere with digestion, resulting in undigested food allergens being passed on to the fetus. Other sources say heartburn medications are to be avoided during first trimester, but are safe during second and third trimesters.

ISSUE: Is it safe for women to use acid blockers … Continue Reading →

Is Your Kitchen Preventing You From Cooking?

Judy E. Buss

Judy E. Buss

No, this is not a joke. On the first of the year, you may have made your umpteenth New Year’s resolution to cook at home more often and eat healthier, but that has not yet panned out. Chances are that one of the main obstacles to realizing your resolution is the state of your kitchen. Together, let’s examine The Room and see what can be done.

We are not talking about a $20,000 remodeling job; some of you have already been there, done that, and are still eating out too often or heating up “convenience food” in … Continue Reading →

Thyroid Balancing Acupressure Points – Video

with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

A thyroid imbalance can cause weight problems, chronic fatigue, overwhelm, anxiety, emotional imbalances, hair loss, skin problems, depression or a combination of these symptoms.

In the video below learn how to use a pair of Acupressure points for balancing the thyroid gland,

Thyroid acupressure points enable healing energy to move through the thyroid, which restores its balancing or homeostatic mechanisms.

Video Link: Thyroid Balancing Acupressure Points with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

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Zinc for colds – Research Article

Some good news to keep in mind when cold season comes around: A meta-analysis of three randomized, placebo-controlled trials has found that zinc acetate lozenges lessen the duration of the common cold by nearly three days.” from a healthnotes® NEWSWIRE research article “Zinc Lozenges May Help Shorten Colds.”… Continue Reading →

Managing Persistent Fears, Anxieties, and Stresses – Article

Stan Popovich

Stan Popovich

Although everybody deals with anxiety and depression, some people have a difficult time managing their moods.

The article link below offers techniques you can use to help manage your most persistent fears and every day anxieties and stresses.

Remember that all you can do each day is to do your best, hope for the best, and take things in stride. Patience, persistence, education, and being committed to solving your problems will go along way in helping you live a happier life.

Article Link: Managing Your Persistent Fears, Anxieties, and Stresses by Stan Popovich

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Power of the Unconscious Mind – Video

Miller-3-VDr. Miller speaks about the difference between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind using examples and audience participation.

In the video link below learn how sometimes our mind plays tricks on us, sometimes it doesn’t allow us to see the reality of a situation.

The subconscious responds to imagery.

Video Link: Power of the Unconscious Mind with Emmett Miller, MD

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Color and Light – Part A

Marcey Shapiro, MD

Marcey Shapiro, MD

Everything in the physical world and everything we experience vibrates on the electromagnetic spectrum and has its characteristic wavelength. There are specific wavelengths for all matter, including atoms, music, x-rays, starlight, amethysts, and oak wood. Even thoughts have particular wavelengths. The brain receives these wavelengths through our various sensory organs and translates them into an understanding of physical matter. All that we experience as life in the physical world, all we hear, see, taste, smell, and feel, is merely wavelengths filtered through eyes, ears, skin, nose, and mouth and transmitted to the brain for interpretation.

Our bones, … Continue Reading →

The 5 Keys to Living a Healthier Life – Article

Amy Miller Bailey

Amy Miller Bailey

Liz Stubbs

Liz Stubbs

No matter what health strategy is right for you, there are five keys to your success in creating and living a healthier life.

The article linked below offers you these 5-to-Be-Alive values.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to live the healthiest and best lives you can?

Article Link: The 5 Keys to Living a Healthier Life by Liz Stubbs and Amy Miller Bailey

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