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The following offers you opportunities to link to educational videos that provide you general information on health and wellness and a holistic approach to health and healing. These videos were developed by members of the American Holistic Health Association. You are encouraged to review this list and click on the image of those you feel might support your journey toward a higher level of wellness. Please note: AHHA does not make value judgments distinguishing these videos or the material they offer. You are responsible to verify which are appropriate for your needs.

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With Mira Dessy, NE

12:09 minutes

Worried about a TP shortage? Consider making these changes a more permanent thing in order to help reduce your environmental footprint (and save money).

Health Care Issues in USA

Health Care Issues in USA

With Emmett Miller, MD

7:36 minutes

Most diseases are the result of how we handle stress and treat other people. If we address stress, anxiety, and relationships, 80-90% of our illnesses would disappear.