Sharing Holistic Approach

People helping people

You can help others to help themselves progress on their path to a higher level of wellness. AHHA exists as a people helping people outreach. You can be involved with this subtle, powerful work to encourage self-empowerment.

Walk your talk

Be a living example of a healthy lifestyle. Learn all you can about holistic health principles. Incorporate them into you daily life. The AHHA website offers you ongoing support and ideas with our many resource lists and articles.

Enroll others

Share what you know with others when an opportunity arises. Encourage others to follow your example. Invite them to visit the AHHA website. Get them started by introducing them to our booklet, Wellness From Within: The First Step.

Empower AHHA

Contribute your time and money to support AHHA’s efforts. We are always developing new projects and enhancing our current materials. Become an AHHA supporter. There are three AHHA membership options with annual contributions as low as $30. For 29 years the generosity of AHHA contributors has enabled AHHA to provide our materials free of charge to people all across America and around the world.

Act as our scout

Tell us about other individuals and organizations related to a holistic approach to wellness. Keep your eyes and ears open for leads to new material for our projects. Alert us to authors with valuable self-help ideas, so they can be invited to submit an article for our Self-Help Articles Collection. Consider resources to expand one of our lists – such as holistic healthcare practitioners; integrated healing centers; companies with health-related products, educational programs and books; health information search services.

Give us feedback

Contact us – by email, mail or phone. You are why we are doing this. Tell us what has been most helpful to you. Share your ideas. Mention needs you have spotted that are not being addressed, and how you see AHHA helping to meet these needs.

Directly or through AHHA – How are you going to make a positive difference in someone else’s life today?