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The American Holistic Health Association is pleased to recognize the following companies and organizations that support a holistic approach to creating wellness and are AHHA Organizational Members. They offer products, services, and educational opportunities you can use to enhance your health and well-being. This list is provided to facilitate networking among AHHA supporters. AHHA does not make value judgments distinguishing these companies or what they provide. You are responsible for verifying which are appropriate for your needs.

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PO Box 1808

Kihei, HI 96753 USA

Learn acupressure points to relieve common complaints such as headaches, shoulder/neck pain, insomnia, back pain, chronic fatigue, and emotional pain, trauma or distress. Create the health you want, anytime, anywhere. Learn Shiatsu Therapy, Self-Acupressure, Face Lift, and Stress Relief methods authored by Michael Reed Gach, PhD. Go to for self-care resources from A to Z, and free articles sent to your inbox twice a month, by clicking on our link to the left.

Creative Meditations

146 Green Lake Rd

Leeds, NY 12451 USA


Creative Meditations offers a variety of classes that invite you to explore your creativity while learning mindful meditation techniques to enhance your life. Learn to de-stress while creating beautiful works of art. Individual, group, and organizational classes offered for beginners through experienced artists. Visit website at for further details and class locations.

Healing Light Center Church

261 East Alegria Ave #12

Sierra Madre, CA 91024 USA


Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere teaches workshops and intensives on energy healing/ hands on healing. She also offers audio tapes of many of her workshops. An information packet will be mailed upon request.


Huntington Beach, CA 92646 USA


QuantumMind offers you The Junction Training. It develops: 1 Non-judgmental awareness of the resistance that inhibits healthy change. 2 A set ot Tools (including the Bothersome Irritant) and the Perspectives that enable their exploration. These begin the process of noticing and overcoming resistance to healthy change based upon one’s Highest Unknown Good. 3 The Innate tendency to heal when given a relatively nurturing environment–in this case our inner environment.

Shanghai SuperWellness Health Consultancy Ltd

2nd Floor, No. 54 Building, No. 1089 Qinzhou Beilu

Shanghai, Shanghai 200233 P.R. CHINA

(86) 021-662450900-810

SuperWellness Health Consultancy offers workshops and training courses to fitness trainers, those who lead an active lifestyle or those who would like to improve their general health and wellbeing. The workshops/courses consist of a broad spectrum of health related topics and important subjects that are relevant to nutritional therapy, sports nutrition and holistic wellness.

Success Today (Great Mind, Great Life)

2C, Sunset Lane 4, Defense Phase 2

Karachi, Sindh 75230 PAKISTAN


Offers workshops and programs on Metaphysical subjects such as Mindfulness, Coping with Stress through Spirituality, Emotional Wellness, Balancing the Heart and Mind, Conscious Parenting. Also offers counseling, retreats, and meditation sessions. Learn about mindfulness and other spiritual ways to bring your attention to the now. Learn to live in the present moment where there is peace and harmony. Learn how to become aware of your emotions to be able to live life peacefully.

SunSpirit Wellness

San Mateo, CA 94403 USA


SunSpirit Wellness offers individuals of all ages fundamental tools for healthy living and includes multi-sensory activities to promote individual learning styles. Focusing on a holistic approach, you are helped to make more informed decisions for creating healthier foundations and sustainable lifestyles choices for yourself, your family, and your community. Learning environments are fun, hands-on, and engaging.

WellPeople (HealthWorld Online)

4049 Lyceum Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA


Offers discount on Wellness Inventory to AHHA members

WellPeople’s core focus is the Wellness Inventory, a whole-person assessment and life-balance program designed to help individuals gain insight into their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and transform their new insight into sustainable lifestyle change. Interested in using the program professionally? Watch informative webinar at We also offer the Wellness Inventory Certification Training.