American Holistic Health Association (AHHA)
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Are you looking for healthcare professionals to add to your healthcare team? The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) has compiled three resources to make your research journey easy and effective. You are encouraged to check out all three referral resources. Please note: AHHA does not make value judgments distinguishing these individuals and organizations or what they are offering. You are responsible to verify what is appropriate for your needs.

bullet Holistic Practitioners
AHHA Practitioners Members cover the entire spectrum from physicians to wellness coaches. All deliver care with the holistic/ whole person approach. Check out this searchable database to see who in your geographic area you want to add to your healthcare team.

bullet Other Practitioner Referral Sources
Amazing searchable database linking you to almost 100 referral programs covering practically every healing modality. Check this out for the specific type of professional you seek or use to research new options you have not yet discovered.

bullet Healing Centers in North America
Looking for a multidisciplinary health care center? This list of AHHA Institutional Members has centers that are integrating alternative therapies and conventional medicine or exclusively offering alternative therapies.

bullet Health Information Search Services (Treatment options)
Some patients need to first research the treatment options available for their condition. Then they know what types of healthcare professionals they need on their healthcare team. The Health Information Search Services list has organizations that can research information and treatment options for any health condition; plus other health questions. You can specify conventional medicine and/or alternative approaches.

What people are saying about AHHA:

"The value of AHHA to the public cannot accurately be measured. Where else in today's corporate-owned world can you find a free independent, impartial wellness resource? A resource not spouting a corporate line to sell a product? AHHA is independent, so it owes no one. It is impartial so unshaded truth is its only resource. AHHA is free to the public so information and truth can be provided to everyone and anyone regardless of their ability to pay. AHHA serves man - every man (woman and child) with the latest information on health and wellness, from all healing disciplines, without regard to profit, product, promotions, or personality. It does not compromise on truth, AHHA spreads it - one request at a time. I am proud to be a member, Advisor with AHHA for all of these reasons. In my heart I know I am right." - Michael J. Kudlas, D.C.