American Holistic Health Association (AHHA)
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This page offers special recognition of AHHA supporters who have made vital extra gifts. AHHA's nonprofit work is funded by contributions. Therefore, when AHHA supporters contribute more than the standard contributor amounts to receive specific "member" benefits, these funds allow AHHA to expand the outreach of our efforts to connect people with self-help resources so they can become active participants in enhancing their health and well-being.

Amounts are donations over and above standard contributor amounts.

Platinum Circle ($500 - $999)

Gold Circle ($250 - $499)

Silver Circle ($100 - $249)

  • Cathleen L. Balfour
  • James R. Bowman, NMD, DNHC, DCP, FAAIM, DiHom
  • Cariguana Spa
  • Patricia Fenley, HHP
  • Stephanie Ann Kennedy, ND, LDHS
  • Viktoria Mandlin
  • ReVisioning Consulting
  • Michelle A. Sasko, H.PP
  • Booncherd Thorchamod, NMD, ND, PhD
  • Sheri Toth
  • Suzan V. Walter

Bronze Circle ($50 - $99)

  • Katherine Agranovich, PhD
  • Anwar M. Ibrahim, HHP, CNHP, Dipl.TCM, BA Psy., CCT
  • Herbert L. Jacobs, MD, FACOG, ABHM
  • Jennifer Lynes, BSc, QTS, SAC Dip
  • Viktoria Mandlin
  • Roberto Schwarz
  • Christine M. Sorenson
  • H. Garrett Thompson, DC, PhD
  • Claudia H. Vogel
  • ShmúwAL Wahli

Extra Gifts ($5 - $49)

  • Shandra Artura, BHS, CWC
  • James A. Auerbach, MD
  • Charles L. Beardsley
  • Carol Brumby
  • Sherhone Grant
  • Ann Hatfield
  • Health and Happiness
  • Pradeep Kumar Singh Jagutpal
  • Broehe Karpenko
  • Kingdom College of Natural Health
  • Tanna Marshall, HHP
  • Annie Mathe
  • Cinthia A. McFeature, PhD
  • Karen Miller
  • Our LONG HAIRitage
  • Anne-Jeanne Rothchild, CNC, CMA, CCMH, HHP
  • Jenny Sill-Holeman, Cht, RM
  • Beverly R. Wells, CN, MIfHI, Dip HIr
  • Lorri Woodmansee, CHT, RMT