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The following introduces you to health-related events sponsored by some of the special members of the American Holistic Health Association or where some of these members are participating speakers. You are encouraged to peruse this list to see if any of these events might support your journey toward a higher level of wellness.

Please note: AHHA does not make value judgments distinguishing these events or the material they offer. You are responsible to verify which are appropriate for your needs.

October 4, 2014 - Breathe Easy with Herbs

October 7, 2014 - Liver Detoxification and Drainage: Pathways and Co-Factors

October 11, 2014 - Learn to be a Kitchen Witch

October 18, 2014 - Herbal Medicine Chest

October 26-30, 2014 - Science and Connection: A New Era of Integrative Health & Medicine

October 31, 2014 - Final* ABIHM Exam

February 19-21, 2015 - Integrative Healthcare Symposium 2015

October 4, 2014
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Breathe Easy with Herbs
Learn which herbs can safely and effectively treat TB, asthma, bronchitis and respiratory disorders of all varieties. Each participant will make a remedy of their own!
For details:

October 7, 2014

Liver Detoxification and Drainage: Pathways and Co-Factors
Free webinar with Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopathic Doctor defining detoxification while discussing the proper detoxification pathways and the co-factors supporting this bodily function.
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October 11, 2014
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Learn to be a Kitchen Witch
Learn the medicinal properties of your favorite culinary herbs and how to prepare them into home remedies. Each participant will make 3 remedies to take home!
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October 18, 2014
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Herbal Medicine Chest
Learn which herbs can replace the items commonly found in your medicine cabinet. Each participant will make 2 remedies of their own!
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October 26-30, 2014
San Diego, CA

Science and Connection: A New Era of Integrative Health & Medicine
15th Annual ABIHM Science and Connection Conference celebrates the inauguration of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM). The conference attracts many types of practitioners, both newcomers and seasoned practitioners. The course is well recognized for its evidence based, academically rigorous content, presented in a thoughtful and holistic manner.
For details: 858-652-5400

October 31, 2014
San Diego, CA

Final* ABIHM Exam
MD or DO Physicians, the final* exam to become a Diplomate of the ABIHM and earn 200 points toward the emerging ABoIM Board Exam will be administered at the conclusion of the AIHM Annual Conference. (*Assuming on time delivery of first ABoIM Exam, scheduled for November 2014.)
For details: 218-525-5651

February 19-21, 2015
New York, MY

Integrative Healthcare Symposium 2015
The Integrative Healthcare Symposium brings together multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals dedicated to improving patient care and defining the future of integrative healthcare.
For details: 508-743-8575

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