Connecting To
Your Spirituality

For a richer relationship/connection
with your spiritual self

The whole of you is an integration of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. This list of books has been compiled to support you having a richer relationship/connection with your spiritual self. Check your local library or bookstore for the books that speak to you.

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The Phoenix Phenomenon:

The Phoenix Phenomenon:

Rising from the Ashes of Grief

By Joanne Jozeforski

Jason Aronson Publishers - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. [1999]

ISBN 0765702096

Resource for both grievers and the mental health professionals who help them, providing hope for transformational grief and the tools to forge that outcome. The book offers a highly compelling and credible account of the human capacity to grow from the adversity of grief, while mapping a sophisticated journey that can lead humans from their most searing losses to an unusual strength of character and conviction previously unknown to them.