Treatment Researchers

Have a personal expert to research
information and treatment options
for what you are dealing with

Would you benefit from information and treatment options for your specific disease or condition? The following organizations may be able to assist you research this information. AHHA does not make value judgments distinguishing these organizations or the data they provide. You are responsible for verifying what is appropriate for you.

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World Research Foundation

PO Box 20828

Sedona, AZ 86341 USA


Nonprofit health and environmental information network that provides research information to the public on the latest worldwide developments in disease treatment using alternative medicine.

Fees & Services

• $60 + shipping costs for library packet with data dealing with complementary, alternative, non-traditional, & natural diagnostic & therapeutic approaches to illness or disease; 275 topics available; material from books & periodicals--average packet size 350 pages.

Sources of Information

Libraries--On-site library of 30,000 books; 5 satellite contacts around the world including Europe, Far East & India

Special Features

Catalog of books, tapes & videos on health topics.
Free use of on-site library. Quarterly newsletter.