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Would you benefit from information and treatment options for your specific disease or condition? The following organizations may be able to assist you research this information. AHHA does not make value judgments distinguishing these organizations or the data they provide. You are responsible for verifying what is appropriate for you.

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3809 Clarks Lane Ste 100

Baltimore, MD 20902 USA


Comprehensive research guidebooks on 15 conditions to help persons facing chronic or life threatening conditions to make informed decisions regarding their care. Sources are primarily medical, with some references to resources regarding complementary and alternative therapies.

Fees & Services

$29.55 per Guidebook if you download from website at $37.50 to be mailed hard copy.
Each of the 15 Guidebooks listed at provides:
• The Intelligent Patient: Comprehensive overview of medical condition
• Treatment Options: Citations & abstracts of treatment-oriented articles from the latest authoritative medical journals
• Directory of Centers of Clinical Research: Index divided by state, country & institutional affiliation to enable "networking"
• Guide to Resource Organizations: Listing of related organizations for local support groups, newsletters, etc.

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Special Features

Guidebooks for the selected topics are developed by a team of health care professionals and reviewed by prominent physicians. Guidebooks are updated throughout the year. Check for occasional Discount Coupons for phone orders.