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AHHA provides nationwide connections to those who can help healing occur in mind, body, spirit, and emotions. The most current information is made available regarding important health issues and trends to help us all make the best decisions for our health and lifestyle choices.
–Connie Bjerk, CGIT, RM

AHHA is a wonderful resource to help anyone seeking alternative healing methods and easy access to practitioners and organizations that treat the whole person; physical, emotional and mental.
–Susan Buonocore, MA

A few years ago I was fortunate to discover AHHA, its website and Facebook. As a wellness educator, columnist, and nutritional cooking instructor, I frequently refer my readers, students, and audiences to AHHA, with its wide variety of topic offerings. The informative articles and videos are presented in a style which is accessible to anyone wishing to improve their health and quality of life, or help others do the same. AHHA would not be possible without the caring and dedication of its outstanding leadership!
–Judy E. Buss, Syndicated Health Columnist

AHHA has always been ahead of the curve. I especially appreciate the efforts Suzan Walter has made to provide thorough and unbiased information on controversial topics, especially those relating to public policy.
–Candace Campbell

AHHA is a unique and invaluable voice in the ongoing search for a sane approach to health in America. AHHA reminds us that the real quest is for human wholeness, and not just for finding innovative ways to work with isolated problems or “parts” that make us up. The spirit of AHHA has been and always will be to champion the essential wholeness that makes us human beings, an emphasis that is sometimes lost in all the chatter about integrative medicine and complementary therapies. In the end, it is true wholeness that we all seek. Thank you AHHA for keeping the language of wholeness alive.
–William Collinge, PhD

AHHA is a superior resource for all types of health professionals to find one another, as well as the general consumer looking for choices in their health care. I have met members while living in California, and since BASTIS Foundation’s move to New Mexico, we’re with other professionals who are members of AHHA. The information provided by AHHA is also of great value, and we are kept up-to-date and informed about the latest in politics affecting holistic health care as well. I’m very appreciative for this wonderful organization, and I have recommended that wise and open-minded medical doctors who I have met also join.
–Bera Dordoni, ND

The AHHA humanizes the more effective understanding of the whole body, professionally embraces holistic healing, and integrates the whole concept of wellness.
–Herbert L. Jacobs MD, FACOG, FACS, ABHIM

AHHA is a gem! The consummate integrative healthcare resource for empowering patients; connecting them to information that matters and to providers who can help.
–Gena E. Kadar, DC, MS.MEdL, CNS

The value of AHHA to the public cannot accurately be measured. Where else in today’s corporate-owned world can you find a free independent, impartial wellness resource? A resource not spouting a corporate line to sell a product? AHHA is independent, so it owes no one. It is impartial so unshaded truth is its only resource. AHHA is free to the public so information and truth can be provided to everyone and anyone regardless of their ability to pay. AHHA serves man – every man (woman and child) with the latest information on health and wellness, from all healing disciplines, without regard to profit, product, promotions, or personality. It does not compromise on truth, AHHA spreads it – one request at a time. I am proud to be a member, Advisor with AHHA for all of these reasons. In my heart I know I am right.
–Michael Kudlas, DC

AHHA helps you sift through information and get unbiased help, direction and information on holistic health. Whether you are new or an experienced practitioner to holistic health AHHA has something for you.
–Susan Negus, PhD

Vibrant health requires living a sweet and pleasurable life that is meaningful and always evolving. With its excellent free information about holistic health and wellness resources in both conventional and alternative medicine, AHHA can help you enhance your life and health on all levels.
–Christiane Northrup, MD

As a person on the move, I have found AHHA to be very helpful in locating holistic health resources in different parts of the country. Even more helpful, however, has been the assistance I get from AHHA in connecting with people of like mindsets allowing us to network and build community wherever we are located.
–Donna A. Peters, PhD, RN, FAAN

AHHA provides information to go into inspiration
–Bernard S. Siegel, MD

Health concerns should be addressed in a way that best meets the needs of the patient. AHHA provides the information people need to manage their own health, according to their personal needs. By remaining impartial, AHHA serves to educate and empower all of us to achieve optimal health.
–H. Garrett Thompson, DC, PhD