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Surviving the Holiday Food Gremlins – Article

Eve Tamar Berman, DO

Do you feel left out of holiday “fun” because you can’t eat the goodies everyone else can? Do you dread going to parties for fear of insulting the host or hostess when you find there is no food you can eat?

The article link below offers you ways to negotiate these events with grace and leave feeling nourished and full.

To stave off the most tenacious food gremlins, keep in mind the purpose of the holidays is celebration of family, friendships, and community. Although food and drinks are fulfilling pleasures, true fulfillment comes from within. Remember who you are and guard against confusing your food issues with your essence. Take time before holiday events to go inside yourself and find out your real reason for attending. Ask yourself what will make the evening satisfying. Then manifest that reality.

Article Link: Surviving the Holiday Food Gremlins by Eve Tamar Berman, DO

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