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For Patients and Caregivers Who Feel Overwhelmed – Article

Carmen L. Colon-Sauls, BA, RN

Are you the caregiver feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or over-extended by the person or situation you are responsible for? Is your own wellness on the line here? OR Are you the person requiring the medical assistance or medical nurturing?The article link below provides you questions to ask yourself and your caregiver to really evaluation your present situation. Just because a situation seems helpless now does not mean it needs to stay that way.

We all have the ability to make changes and choices that are good and healthy for us. The time to start discovering that is now. You can do this! Take charge of your health…Take charge of your life!

Article Link: For Patients and Caregiver Who Feel Overwhelmed by Carmen L. Colon-Sauls, BA, RN

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