Doing Research


Have you selected this Doing Research section because you are searching for information that is not related to your personal health?

Although this AHHA website is designed to help individuals enhance their personal level of wellness, these same resources can help you, too. In each of the links from this page we have selected the specific resources that we have found helpful to others with similar requests. Click on what is most appropriate for you and learn what our site has for your specific needs.

For Journalists, Authors, and Members of the Media
Helpful resources for those doing research and/or seeking someone with specific expertise to interview.

For Business Promotion
Opportunities for promoting your health-related business or healthcare practice.

For Integrated Healing Centers
Valuable resources for those researching the various aspects of establishing an integrated healing center.

For Students
Resources to help students research information for a school project or paper.

For Career Research
Information for those researching holistic healthcare career options and/or training programs.

For Liability Insurance
Suggestions for healthcare practitioners in private practice who are looking for insurance coverage.