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Fortunate AHHA members have a wide variety of networking opportunities throughout the AHHA website. Listings are included in the thank you member benefits for the following AHHA membership options:

  • If you are a healthcare professional in private practice whose approach is holistic, the AHHA Practitioner Member list exposes you to those who are specifically seeking holistic practitioners. Review the complete list of Practitioner Member benefits offered in appreciation of your $60 contribution.
  • If you are associated with a health-related company or organization, the AHHA Organizational Member list gets your name in front of prospective customers. Listing categories include: Books/Other Media, Education-Personal, Education-Professional, Products, and Services. Review the complete list of Organizational Member benefits offered in appreciation of your $110 contribution.


The authors of the articles in the AHHA Self-Help Articles Collection have a 100-word bio in which they can promote themselves. Article selection is based on content and appropriateness for our site. AHHA membership is not required. Guidelines for how to submit an article are available online. If you need clarification, you may contact the AHHA office at (714) 779-6152 or e-mail us at

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As you continue your research, there are many ways AHHA can continue to be a resource for you. Monthly and weekly we email out materials you may find interesting. Why not sign up for our Free eReports, so we can stay in touch?

  • MONTHLY – Each month we distribute our AHHA Special Updates eReports, which include:
    • Featured Research Item — Credible science-based research results that you might not otherwise hear about.
    • Featured Issue Item – Opinions from both pro and con sources about a health or health-freedom issue, so that you can make well-informed decisions.
    • Featured AHHA Resource Item — By featuring one of many resources in the AHHA website each month, you eventually learn about everything.
  • WEEKLY – Each week we select one of our self-help videos and one of our self-help articles and feature them on AHHA’s home page. You can check into our home page weekly OR have the convenience of an eAlert about the Featured Article of the Week delivered to you personally.

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