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Helpful resources for those doing research and/or seeking someone with specific expertise to interview.

Research Services

If you are a journalist, author, or member of the media searching for data resources, Treatment Researchers offers a list of professional organizations that can do research for you on general information and treatment options related to diseases and health conditions. Some are allopathic in approach, some are alternative, and some are a combination of both. Some charge a fee. Some are free. The listings indicate how each service operates, what it can provide to you, and where its researchers get their information.

Healing Modality Information Sources

For data about a specific healing modality, check the professional association for the particular modality you are researching. AHHA has compiled a list of Healthcare Professional Associations. There is also our Practitioner Referral Sources list with almost 100 organizations that offer practitioner referrals. Many of these organizations are the professional association for specific healthcare modalities. Consider a search for the healing tradition you seek, such as medical, homeopathic, or chiropractic.

Defining Holistic

If you are using the term holistic in your writing, be aware that there are numerous definitions of holistic in general use. There can be serious miscommunication when the author and the reader are using different definitions for terms like holistic, holistic health, or holistic medicine.

For a quick overview AHHA recommends the definition of holistic as a whole made up of interrelated parts. This describes the whole person approach to wellness, rather than the more restrictive using holistic as a synonym for alternative therapies.

AHHA has set up a special Understanding Holistic section with selected resources from this site. Reviewing this material may be a valuable shortcut for you. This section includes a link to our articles on What is Holistic?


If you wish to interview individuals with specific expertise, AHHA has several lists that you can use to locate someone who might match your criteria:

  • AHHA Practitioner Members is a searchable database that allows you to search by a number of different criteria. Use the Keyword search option for the list, entering the name (or a keyword) of the subject matter for which you need an expert. Each listing includes the type of healthcare professional, what he/she offers, and his/her key training.
  • Practitioner Referral Sources is a searchable database of healthcare professional organizations, educational institutions, and marketing services for practitioners. Use the Category search option to find the healing tradition you are looking for, such as medical, homeopathic, or chiropractic.
  • Self-Help Articles can be searched by category, author’s last name, title of article, and keyword. They are often written by experts in their fields. Try the Keyword search option using some, or all, of the name of the subject matter for which you seek an expert.

Ongoing Connection

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