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How You Can Comfort A Loved One with Cancer – Article

William Collinge, PhD

Have you ever wondered if you can comfort someone whose life has been touched by cancer?  It may be a parent, a sibling or other relative, a spouse, partner or fiend.  No matter who it is, we share the common experience of a natural desire to help and bring comfort, to alleviate suffering that person we care about.

The article link below explains a program that teaches family members and friends how to use simple forms of touch and massage to reduce symptoms and side effects of treatment.

Caregivers using the techniques achieved significant reductions in stress/anxiety, pain, fatigue, depression, nausea, and an assortment of miscellaneous symptoms.

You have in your heart and hands the ability to reduce suffering in a loved one with cancer.  Give them the gift of touch, and both of you will be rewarded.

Article Link: How You Can Comfort a Loved One with Cancer by William Collinge, PhD

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