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Breadth of DHEA benefits – Research Article

“When the maladaptive stress responses of illness, pain, or injury have inhibited DHEA production, significantly ill consequences can follow.” “The chronic stress response features continued up-regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HP-A) axis and the ongoing inhibition of sex hormones. While the concept of ‘adrenal fatigue’ (academicians always use the quotation marks!) is controversial, adrenal reserve capacity can be depleted and thus, DHEA production would be also.” “With some understanding—and having prepared the patient with desiccated neonatal adrenal cortex to receive DHEA as a farmer fertilizes his fields—correctly dosed DHEA supplementation can be very beneficial.” From a Townsend Letter research article, “DHEA Physiology, Deficiency, and Treatment” by Alan B. McDaniel, MD.

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