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From Braces to Races – Article

Jody B. Nyquist, NHD, ND, DD

True story of a career-driven executive who developed a painful, severe case of osteoarthritis and needed to wear orthopedic braces on her legs.

In the article below trace her journey of awakening to an understanding of the emotional root causes of her physical condition. How she learned the importance of listening to her inner voice and needs. After changing her priorities and nurturing herself, she no longer needed to wear braces and the pain went away.

With time she came to learn the power of choice. How, each of us can make things difficult, or we can make them easy. The choice is in our hands – in our every day actions or reactions. When your inner voice speaks, listen.

Article Link: From Braces to Races by Jody Nyquist, NHD

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