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You can view the articles for this category that are currently online at JOURNEYS TO WHOLENESS – TRUE STORIES.


The current articles in this category are arranged under the following Sub-Categories. It is anticipated that new articles in this category will require addition of new sub-categories to reflect the condition overcome.

Pain Management



Articles in this category are for people dealing with an illness or health condition. The focus is to provide hope and awareness that there are many options for dealing with any health challenge. Stories will primarily be about a successful recovery from an illness or health condition in which non-traditional healing methods were used. This is an opportunity for the patient to share his/her story with others.

Article Content

For this category we are interested in articles or first-person “stories” that detail the successful healing journey of the author. It is anticipated that the beneficial healing modalities used will include approaches to healing that the general public is less likely to have uncovered. Each article is to be like a case history, but presented in a narrative/ story-telling mode. It must include a description of the patient’s condition(s) and treatment method(s) used. For credibility the article must only include statements that reflect exactly what happened. There can be no omissions or exaggerations that give misleading impressions. Names of healthcare professionals, treatments and/or products used may be included.

We request a warm, friendly style of writing using examples, anecdotes, and humor, where appropriate. It is ideal when the information is presented in straightforward terms that the general lay public can understand. At the same time, the quality of the data should be of value to a health professional. Brief articles have a better chance of being read online. We recommend a maximum of about 800 words, but do not limit the length of submittals.

The material in the article does not have to be original. The author may adapt material he/she has published elsewhere, such as in a book, magazine or newsletter. When submitted to AHHA, it is important to identify the original source so that this can be acknowledged at the end of the article; and indicate that permission has been granted by the publisher or whomever holds the copyright.


In most cases the author is expected to be the patient. However, articles submitted by a health professional will be accepted, when accompanied by authentication and permission of the patient.

Author Bio

Each online article is accompanied by a brief promotional piece about the author. This mini-bio paragraph shows why that person has the authority to speak on the subject at hand. Promotional mention of the author’s publications, workshops, professional organizations, connections, etc., is encouraged. Be sure to include a phone number and an email address or website link so that interested readers can contact the author. Please limit this author mini-bio paragraph to 100 words or less.

However, for just this category of article – when the author of the “story” is the patient, the usual author bio guidelines may be modified to include the following types of information:

  • Name*
  • Type of occupation
  • General part of the US where you live
  • Special interests, hobbies

* If the patient wishes to remain anonymous, we recommend that one of the health professionals author the article.


We need a color or black and white head/shoulder shot of the author.


Author is encouraged to create a title for the article that is innovative and reflective of the content. Best not to try being too clever. Clarity is best.


In the interest of fairness and equal opportunity, each author is limited to one article per category in the AHHA Self-Help Article Collection. The guidelines you are reviewing are for the category Journeys to Wholeness – True Stories.

Submitted articles are reviewed for appropriateness of content for the AHHA article category and appropriateness of author to offer the information included.

Submittal Process

Email the following to

  • Article title and content
  • Article category and subcategory (from AHHA’s lists)
  • Author’s bio – brief (up to 100 words) promotional paragraph
  • Patient’s permission, if a healthcare professional is authoring the article about the patient
  • If not original, provide where material was initially published and how AHHA can acknowledge this source at end of article
  • Author’s phone number and email address
  • Attach digital photo of author (head/shoulder shot)


Use the following contact information for submitting materials and/or questions

Suzan Walter, President
American Holistic Health Association
PO Box 17400, Anaheim, CA 92817-7400
Phone: (714) 779-6152


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