AHHA Issue 12-15-17

December 15, 2017

Antibiotic resistance threat
Antibiotics are medicines used to prevent and treat bacterial infections. Yet bacteria can mutate and become resistant to antibiotics. The current expansion of antibiotic resistance is viewed as a global and urgent threat. Identified causes for this increasing rate of resistance are moving beyond just the overuse of antibiotics with humans and animals. The most recent studies point to agricultural chemicals and solvents, wetting agents, and surfactants used in commercial products. To address this serious threat personally, consider not using antibiotics for minor infections, consume only meat and poultry that has not been treated with antibiotics, and be aware of the chemicals in the products you use in your home and garden. If you must use an antibiotic for a major infection, consider being pretested to identify which antibiotic will work for your need and determine the optimal dosage level, and/or ask your health care provider about pairing synergetic antibiotics.

ISSUE: Awareness of causes of antibiotic resistance

AHHA strives to maintain a neutral position on issues and views knowledge as power. For those interested in learning more about this month’s issue, the following related articles were selected to serve as a foundation for researching this matter.

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