Empower Our Future

Honoring the Past and Empowering the Future
American Holistic Health Association

COVID-19 has been a powerful wake-up call to the importance of good health including a strong immune system. Those who had been pursuing a healthy lifestyle have been better able to recover from this pandemic virus.

The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) spent its first three decades serving as a free, impartial source for finding resources to enable active self-care and living a healthy lifestyle. COVID-19 revealed to us that it is vital that the work AHHA does in the next three decades must be expanded so that we are reaching and motivating dramatically more individuals to modify their lifestyle choices and significantly improve the quality of their health.

AHHA has been inspired to design an ambitious, but feasible, three-phased plan to achieve this goal involving Restructuring, Expansion, and Outreach.

You are invited to be part of empowering AHHA to be able to change many more lives to not only enjoy better health, but be better prepared to prevent future chronic diseases and viral infections.

For a special tax deductible Empower Our Future (30th anniversary) donation of $30 (or more) you will receive a thank you gift of our eBook entitled, Honoring the Past and Empowering the Future.

This special eBook consists of inspiring essays from thirty thought leaders in the fields of holistic health, integrative medicine, and wellness:
Daniel G. Amen, MD “A Revolution in Brain Health”
Michael Arloski, PhD, PCC, CWP, NBC-HWC “Being Holistic About Getting Behavioral”
Ed Bauman, PhD “The Evolution of Holistic Nutrition”
Kelly Brogan, MD “Making Room for Falling Apart”
Rosalyn L. Bruyere, DD “For Future Healers”
Nalini Chilkov, LAc, OMD “What If Every Cancer Patient Had a Plan for Health and Not Just Plan for Disease?”
William Collinge, PhD, MPH “The Age of Personalized Medicine”
Mira Dessy, NE “Change is Here”
Alan Gaby, MD “A Lifetime of Studying, Practicing, and Teaching Nutritional Medicine”
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS “Bile –– The Forgotten Health Switch”
Sayer Ji & Ali Le Vere “Solar-Powered People”
Gena E. Kadar, DC, MS.MEdL, CNS “Creating Health”
David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM “The Spiral Stair: Operationalizing Holistic Care”
Liz Lipski, PhD, CNS, FACN, IFMCP, BCHN “Food and Lifestyle as the Heart of Health Care”
William D Manahan, MD “Slow (and Fast) Medicine”
James Maskell “The Personalized Medicine Paradox”
Emmett Miller, MD “The Holistic Healing We Really Need”
Deanna Minich, PhD “Creativity is Essential for Health”
Paul Mittman, ND, EdD “Near Disaster on a Monday Night in Phoenix, 1998”
Judith Orloff, MD “Second Sight: Dr. Judith Orloff’s Intuitive Journey”
Peter Osborne, DACBN, PScD “The Rise of Autoimmune Disease”
Donna A. Peters, RN, PhD, FAAN “Finding Our Wholeness in Holistic Health”
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, MSW, DHANP “Homeopathy: True Holistic Medicine”
Bernard S. Siegel, MD “Health Care Crisis”
H. Garrett Thompson, DC, PhD “The Future is Integrative”
John Weeks “Reflections on Thirty Years: The Paradox”
Gail Wetzler, PT, DPT, EDO, BI-D “Empowering Gut Health with Visceral Manipulation”
Leonard A. Wisneski, MD, FACP “The Long Journey Home”
Jonathan V. Wright, MD, ND (hon) “Introducing ‘Gastropause’”
Miriam G. Zacharias, MS, NTP, BCHN “The Secret Behind Practitioner Success”

Benefit from the wisdom of these thought leaders with a special Empower Our Future (30th anniversary) donation.

Our eBook also contains the story of the unique series of events and the moment of inspiration that that led directly to the creation of AHHA.

From our beginning November 27, 1989, AHHA has provided a multitude of wellness resources that will empower you to more confidently and effectively make your personal healthcare decisions so you can experience a healthier lifestyle that creates vibrant wellness and an enhanced quality of life.

Perhaps AHHA resources have touched your life. Were you one who came searching for non-drug options? One who needed to learn the importance of paying attention to your everyday lifestyle choices? One who was looking for a doctor who would really listen to you? One desperately searching for non-scaring natural treatments for a seriously burned child? One who needed encouragement to nurture yourself? Your Empower Our Future (30th anniversary) donation helps us help others.

In 1990 we started by mailing out packets with printed copies of our resource lists. By the mid-1990s, when the Internet came along, we were able to also post our resource lists at ahha.org. Through the years, the percentages of people using “snail mail” and searching online for the information we provided switched. Today we are exclusively an online source of resources. We are currently developing a new website to incorporate the latest technological advances that will make our site easier for you to find what you seek. Your Empower Our Future (30th anniversary) donation helps us fund this important project that is part of our three-phased plan.

At the beginning, our outreach touched dozens of people. That grew to hundreds, then thousands of individuals and families. Currently, more than 16,000 people visit our website each month. These people come to AHHA with a vast spectrum of needs. From the beginning we have listened to what people were searching for but having a hard time actually finding. Each new resource list we created was designed to meet specific needs. Your Empower Our Future (30th anniversary) donation helps us continue to create needed resources.

Who do you know who would be grateful to learn about AHHA’s resources? Spreading the word about these through your friends and various social media channels will help AHHA help more people to help themselves. Thank you.

Will you empower our future with a special tax deductible Empower Our Future (30th anniversary) donation of $30 (or more) and receive a thank you gift of our eBook entitled, Honoring the Past and Empowering the Future, with inspiring essays from thirty thought leaders in the fields of holistic health, integrative medicine, and wellness?