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Here is how you can share your healing story:
Draft an article that shares what condition or illness you were dealing with. Describe the various treatment approaches you tried, both those that worked and those that didn't work. Even share the emotions you experienced along the way. Your final joy of full healing and recovery can give hope to others.

Below are the Guidelines for submitting your article
Once it is included in AHHA's Self-Help Articles Collection under the Journeys to Wholeness - True Stories category, many can benefit from what you share.

Articles in this category are for people dealing with an illness or health condition. The focus is to provide hope and awareness that there are many options for dealing with any health challenge. Stories will primarily be about a successful recovery from an illness or health condition in which non-traditional healing methods were used. This is an opportunity for the patient to share his/her story with others.

Articles or "stories" are solicited that demonstrate successful approaches to healing that the general public is less likely to have uncovered. Each article is to be like a case history, but presented in a narrative/story-telling mode. It must include a description of the patient's condition(s) and treatment method(s) used. For credibility the article must only include statements that reflect exactly what happened. There can be no omissions or exaggerations that give misleading impressions.

In most cases the author is expected to be the patient. However, articles submitted by a health professional will be accepted, when accompanied by authentication and permission of the patient.

For just this category of article - when the author of the "story" is the patient, the usual article bio guidelines are modified. The following items are suggested as appropriate types of information to include.

  • Name
  • Type of occupation
  • General part of the US where you live
  • Special interests, hobbies
Patients are NOT required to include a phone number, e-mail address or web site in the bio paragraph.

Remember to limit this bio paragraph to 100 words or less.

You can view the articles for this category that are currently online at JOURNEYS TO WHOLENESS - TRUE STORIES.

The above article submittal guidelines are for one specific category of article. It is vital that you also review the GENERAL GUIDELINES for preparing and submitting an article.