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The following offers you opportunities to link to educational videos that provide you general information on health and wellness and a holistic approach to health and healing. These videos were developed by members of the American Holistic Health Association. You are encouraged to review this list and click on the image of those you feel might support your journey toward a higher level of wellness.

Please note: AHHA does not make value judgments distinguishing these videos or the material they offer. You are responsible to verify which are appropriate for your needs.

The videos are divided into a number of general categories. Click on the category of choice to be moved to that group of videos.

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Integrative Approaches

6 Tips to Control Your Food Cravings
with Daniel Amen, MD
Keep blood sugar balanced; Get rid of artificial sweeteners; Stress management program; Outsmart the food triggers; Deal with hidden food allergies; Use supplements to help carvings.
10:00 minutes

Facial Acupressure Points
with Michael Reed Gach, PhD
Presents two facial acupressure points for relieving a stuffy nose, nasal congestion, facial paralysis, and sinus problems. Learn how to relieve toothaches, and eye irritation.
3:08 minutes

Grief Acupressure Points
with Michael Reed Gach, PhD
Learn how to use acupressure points for relieving grief, sadness, depression, feeling stuck, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, coughing, and for letting go.
2:07 minutes

Hot Water Therapy & Hydrogen
with Dr. Faris AlHajri
Hot Water Therapy enhances the hydrogen in our body organs. Hydrogen, known as the most powerful antioxidant, plays various vital roles in our health system.
6:09 minutes

Touch, Caring and Cancer
with William Collinge, PhD, MPH and others
Caregivers can use safe, simple massage techniques for providing comfort and relaxation to the patient/ their loved one.
6:16 minutes

Lifestyle Approaches

Health Care Issues in USA
with Emmett Miller, MD
Most diseases are the result of how we handle stress and treat other people. If we address stress, anxiety, and relationships, 80-90% of our illnesses would disappear.
7:36 minutes

Stress Management

Balance, Stress, and Optimal Health
with Emmett Miller, MD
Dr. Miller brings us a deeper understanding of how the mind and body can work in harmony to produce healing, balance and wellness.
1:05:41 minutes

Headache & Pain Acupressure Points
with Michael Reed Gach, PhD
Learn how to use acupressure points for relieving headaches, mental stress, uptightness, frustration, irritability, neck stiffness, and fibromyalgia.
3:03 minutes

On Reducing Stress
with John Fenton
John Fenton is interviewed about the impact that stress has on you, and holistic steps for managing stress, including the concept of centering yourself.
5:43 minutes


Cauliflower Health Benefits
with Karen Roth, Holistic Nutritionist
Save calories by substituting cauliflower for potatoes.
2:22 minutes

Diet and Cholesterol
with David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM
High cholesterol may be caused by starches, sugars, and alcohols. Learn how eating the opposite diet from the medical approach can get positive results.
7:44 minutes

Food Waste
with Karen Roth, Holistic Nutritionist
American's throw out perfectly fresh food not knowing that it's still good even after the expiration date. Learn important tips to save money.
2:31 minutes

Paleo Peach Flax Muffins
with Rachel Kahn
Demonstration of how to make gluten free, paleo, muffins. Fabulous for a quick healthy breakfast.
7:15 minutes

Paleo Savory Almond Cake
with Rachel Kahn
Demonstration of how to make quick and easy savory dinner pancakes. And they are gluten free and paleo!
10:08 minutes

with Karen Roth, MS, CNC
Pears are a super health fruit with many benefits.
2:22 minutes

Raw Coconut Party Cookies
with Rachel Kahn
Demonstration of how to make cookies that are gluten free, paleo, and raw. These creative cookies are fabulous to make with your kids!

with Karen Roth, Holistic Nutritionist
The health benefits and cooking tips of zucchini.
2:01 minutes


Change Your Brain Change Your Life
with Daniel Amen, MD
Learn about basic principles of the brain: Brain is involved in everything you do; When your brain works right, you work right; etc.
10:00 minutes

Power of the Unconscious Mind
with Emmett Miller, MD
Dr. Miller speaks about the difference between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind using examples and audience participation.
4:48 minutes

Selective Awareness
with Emmett Miller, MD
Play some mind games with Dr. Miller and see that it is easy to miss something you aren't looking for.
3:32 minutes

Sleep Better Insomnia Acupressure Points
with Michael Reed Gach, PhD
Demonstrates how to counteract sleep problems for getting to sleep, or getting back to sleep for all ages, including children.
3:20 minutes

Thought Field Therapy or TFT Demo
with Jef Gazley, MS, LMFT
This is a demonstration of Thought Field Therapy or TFT, one of the schools of Energy Psychology.
7:26 minutes

Thyroid Balancing Acupressure Points
with Michael Reed Gach, PhD
Learn how to use a pair of accupressure points for balancing the thyroid gland, difficulty breathing, coughing, phlegm, agitation, chronic fatigue, and overwhelm.
2:28 minutes


Wellness Exercises & Stretches for Long Life
with Michael Reed Gach, PhD
Discover wellness stretches to counteract stiffness and muscular pain. Learn a series of easy-to-do daily stretches to relieve muscular pain and reduce stiffness for greater wellness.
6:04 minutes