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Special Updates Archives for 2008
December 6, 2008

The holiday season is filled with wonderful scents. Now, in "Sweet Smells May Promote Sweet Dreams", we learn that aromas can influence our dreams. Research results show that the smell of rotten eggs causes negative dreams, whereas the smell of roses has a positive effect. You can experiment with scents and apply this research to your own dreams. Natural Standards Research Collaboration compiled this article and presented it in their October 2008 issue of Integrative Medicine Newsletter.

Wireless computers and cell phones support a mobile society. Wi-Fi areas are found in airports, libraries, hotels, coffee shops, and university lecture halls. If you are sensitive to electromagnetic waves, you may experience headaches and nausea in these wireless environments. Is this an indication of a health hazard?

Is Wi-Fi totally safe?

"Judging possible wifi health risks?"
Ask MetaFilter

"Wi-Fi and health"

"European Governments Warn of Dangers of Cell Phones and Wi-Fi"
Health Freedom Foundation

"Wifi and Electromagnetic fields by Andrew Goldsworthy. Oct. 2008"
Mast Sanity

You are invited to participate in an ongoing discussion about this issue at Add your opinions and other online sites that support your position.

As 2008 draws to a close and spiritual holidays approach, this is a great time to nurture the spiritual part of yourself. Look for the Spirituality sub-category in the AHHA website collection of Self-Help Articles. Take a few minutes to select one of these special articles to enrich your holiday season and set the tone for 2009.

November 4, 2008

If you or a loved one are facing surgery, it is important that you do all you can to ensure that your health is as optimal as possible before, during, and after the surgery. Kerry Bone's article, "The Five Herbs You Need to Know About Before Going Under the Knife," offers you and your surgeon a number of herbal options to consider in your preparations for surgery. This article appeared in the November, 2008, issue of Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing newsletter.

If you are one of those people who avoid taking pharmaceutical drugs unless absolutely necessary, you may be upset to learn that many sources of drinking water are reported to have significant levels of the very drugs you are trying to avoid. Can we trust the safety of the water we are drinking?

"Drinking Water Contaminants (legally enforceable standards)"
US Environmental Protection Agency

"Drinking Water Safety"
YourTotalHealth (service of NBC)

"Report: Drugs in drinking water of more Americans"
USA Today (Sep2008)

"Drugs in Your Drinking Water?"
Health Freedom Foundation

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Many of you have emailed AHHA with additional great resources for the issues presented in our monthly eReports, but we had no way to share these resources with other site visitors. We are delighted to announce that there is now a way you can share your resources. The AHHA Issues Forum has been set up at

Each month, this forum will be updated to carry the Featured Issue from the AHHA Special Updates eReport for that month. You are encouraged to add your thoughts and opinions, plus links to websites that add additional facts to the discussion.

October 9, 2008

The role of Vitamin D in fighting disease and chronic pain continues to draw new attention. In 2008 studies have reported that if the level of Vitamin D is adequate, people experience lower risk of heart attack, higher survival rates for breast and colon cancer patients, and lowering of diabetic patient pain level from peripheral neuropathy. If you are concerned about any of these conditions, you may want to discuss the research results with your physician. We thank The Health Resource for bringing this to our attention in their article, "Vitamin D Update" in The Health Resource Newsletter issue Vol. 24, No. 2, 2008.

This month we alert you to what appears to be a significant lack of awareness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which is a fairly safe yet effective treatment option that is being ignored by much of the medical community. To learn about hyperbaric medicine you can review the Wikipedia explanation at As more and more scientific research joins antidotal reports of major successes treating a number of conditions, why are patients not being informed about this option? You are encouraged to review the pro and con online materials so that you are at least aware of some of the amazing recoveries being experienced by patients dealing with stroke, neurological injuries, and diabetic-related wounds, to name just a few. See the following articles to get you started:

American Association for Health Freedom
"AAHF Scores a Victory with HBOT for Wounded Veterans: Hope For Traumatic Brain Injury, Diabetic Failure-to-Heal Wounds, and More?" Paul Harch, MD president of The International Hyperbaric Medical Association
"The Impact of Hyperbaric Medicine on Government Health Care, Disability and Education Expenditures"
"Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy" Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique
"Complications and side effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy" FEATURED AHHA RESOURCE
Many of us want to be more self-sufficient during these challenging times. One positive step you can take is to assume more responsibility for those every day actions you take that impact the quality of your health. AHHA has an online collection of Self-Help Articles that includes a multitude of ideas you can consider incorporating into your daily life. Even making one simple change in your daily routine can raise your level of wellness. Why not check out the articles and be inspired?

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September 6, 2008

Many people are staying away from barbequing meat because they have read that when muscle meat is cooked at high temperatures, potential cancer-causing compounds called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) might form. If they miss that good taste of bargeque, they can read, "Marinade Does More than Enhance Taste." This article presents research that indicates that marinating meat with certain spices before grilling can significantly reduce the formation of HCAs. We thank the Natural Standards Research Collaboration for compiling this article and presenting it in their September 2008 issue of Integrative Medicine Newsletter.

P5P is the bioactive, natural form of vitamin B6. A pharmaceutical company has filed a petition to have it banned from sale by the US dietary supplement industry. Is this a safety issue? Or is it an example of corporate greed? To decide for yourself, see the following articles:

Medicure Pharma petition "Prohibit the marketing of dietary supplements containing Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate," plus comments from other sources

FDA Law Blog "Citizen Petition Asks FDA to Pull From the Market All Dietary Supplements Containing a Form of Vitamin B6"

Complementary Medicine's Weblog "Ban vitamin B6-Big Pharma asks FDA"

Health Freedom Foundation " The FDA and Vitamin B-6"

The Self-Help Tools list has a number of different categories of offerings by our AHHA Organizational Members. The diversity of resources is especially evident in the Services category. It is well worth your while to check out this impressive group of organizations and consider which one can enrich your life.

August 13, 2008

Good old Vitamin C keeps adding new supporters. Individuals dealing with irregular heartbeats often receive the common treatment, an electrical shock to the heart, to attempt to restore a normal heart rhythm. These patients are understandably upset when repeated application of this treatment option is needed. If you're being treated this way, you might want to discuss the research mentioned in "The Common Vitamin That Can Help Your Heart Beat Better with your physician. This article appeared in the August, 2008, issue of Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing newsletter.

What are your views on the proposed single-payer health system for the U.S.? National legislation, H.R. 676 "United States National Health Insurance Act" or "Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act" is pending. Do you have an understanding of the pros and cons if this bill is passed and enacted?

  • Everyone living in the U.S. would be a mandatory participant
  • Everyone would be required to submit an application form for a U.S. National Health Insurance card.
  • Private insurance would be illegal if it covered what is included in the national coverage.
  • If your preferred physician was not a participating license health care clinician in this national coverage, you would need to pay any fees yourself.

Single-payer health care is defined by Wikipedia

Universal health care is defined by Wikipedia

Text of bill H.R. 676

"Pro-Single-Payer Doctors' Group Announces New Blog" about Physician for a National Health Program

"National Health Care in the United States: Exploring the Options and Possibilities" by Peter Lawson

"National Health Insurance - Beware the Externalities"

"Another bad argument in favor of single payer" by Megan McArdle

AHHA's booklet, Wellness From Within: The First Step continues to be a favorite. Have you read it yet? Our booklet is a tool to help you to understand

  • the power you have to effect change using your everyday lifestyle choices, and
  • the importance of being an active participant in your healthcare.
It also introduces you to the relationship among your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, and there is a section that explains and models your role in your relationship with the healthcare professionals supporting you on your healing journey. Click here to review the various formats of the booklet.

July 7, 2008

Many people consider poor vision an inevitable fact of aging. The most common cause of diminishing visual acuity is the condition called cataracts. A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye. Most results of Internet searches for information on cataracts offer only surgery under treatment options. According to Jonathan Wright, M.D., there is, however, a natural treatment with no negative side effects. If you or a loved one are dealing with cataracts, you may want to review "Don't allow Congress to let you go blind!: Reverse cataracts with a simple-and safe-eye drop formula" and related research with your ophthalmologist. This article appeared in the July, 2008, issue of Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing newsletter.

Have you been reading the articles about the possible danger of using a cell phone? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), first reports, "The available scientific evidence does not show that any health problems are associated with using wireless phones." Then adds, "There is no proof, however, that wireless phones are absolutely safe." When you are educating yourself on this subject, you might want to keep in mind that many experts feel any studies tracking the impact of using cell phone handsets need to cover a minimum of ten years, though most are far shorter studies. If you are concerned about any possible risk, a simple solution is to use a headset.

"Experts Revive Debate Over Cellphones and Cancer"
New York Times

"Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'"
The Independent

"Health Hazards of Cell Phone Use"
Cell Phone Safety

"Cell Phone Facts: Consumer Information on Wireless Phones"
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

How many different healing modalities have you experienced along your healing journey? The dozens of modalities on our Practitioner Referral Sources list offer numerous options, most of which are referral programs to professional modality associations, so they are also an excellent resource for learning about healing options.

June 9, 2008

The research on stress reduction cited this month has good news for both options mentioned in the study. In "Mindfulness and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Stress" positive improvement was attained by both subject groups. See which option appeals to you and is appropriate for the stress in your life. We thank the Natural Standards Research Collaboration for presenting this article in their May 2008 issue of Integrative Medicine Newsletter.

After a ten-year legal battle, those supporting the position that dental amalgam filling materials containing mercury are dangerous are claiming victory. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) posted a statement on its website: "Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses." The agency posted the revised assessment online as part of a settlement with consumer advocates. The FDA also committed to issuing special controls on mercury fillings in July, 2009. Those controls could range from giving patients information to adding warnings prohibiting use of the fillings in some people. At the same time, the American Medical Association (AMA) is publishing research results that offer some reassurance that amalgam fillings are safe. And so the controversy continues╔

"Mercury teeth fillings may harm some: U.S. FDA"
by Susan Heavey

"Mercury Fillings: Are They Safe?: Two New Studies Show No Detection of Cognitive Damage"
by Joy Victory

For previous comments on this issue re-visit the May 15, 2006 issue of AHHA Special Update available in the archives.

The third of three special "portal" boxes on the AHHA website home page has been activated. You are invited to go to OR click on the Wellness Research portal box on the home page at While most people come to the AHHA website searching for resources to enhance their personal wellness, many people also come for information that is not related to their personal health. This third portal section details how the site has special tips for journalists, owners of health-related businesses, healing centers, students, and career searchers.

In the March 11, 2008, issue of AHHA Special Updates we alerted you to the threat to availability of natural hormone replacement therapy compounds by the FDA. On January 9, 2008, the FDA banned the use of estriol by compounding pharmacies. Since then, a number of consumer advocacy groups have mobilized the health freedom community to support House Congressional Resolution 342 which calls for an end to the FDA's ban on bio-identical estriol. For an overview, you can review the Health Freedom Foundation article "Strike While the Iron is Hot!"

May 8, 2008

Italian physicians have developed a non-surgical treatment for liquefying and removing calcium deposits from shoulder tendons. A physician in New York successfully replicated this treatment. If you suffer from this condition, you may want to alert your physician to this procedure. We thank The Health Resource for bringing this to our attention in their article, "Quick Repair for Shoulder Tendonitis" in The Health Resource Newsletter issue Vol. 24, No. 1, 2008.

Health freedom includes both the freedom to do what you want AND the freedom to not be forced to do what you do not want. The mandatory vaccine issue has many facets. One currently a hot topic is the number of states considering or passing laws requiring eleven-year-old girls entering sixth grade to be vaccinated for protection against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV, or venereal warts) with a new vaccine, Gardasil, developed by Merck. Parents have a variety of considerations including ... Is it necessary? Is it safe? Will it encourage promiscuous behavior?

"Gardasil" by Wikipedia provides a wide range of facts, recommendations and a few concerns.

"Mandatory Vaccines Help Drug Firms, Not Necessarily Consumers" by Sigrid Fry-Revere provides some very serious concerns.

The second of three special "portal" boxes on the AHHA website home page has been activated. You are invited to go to, or click on the Healthy? portal box on the home page at Take a brief, intimate journey to connect with the key resources appropriate for those who are not sick, but know there is lots of room for achieving a higher level of wellness. Because the AHHA website has such a vast array of resources, we welcome your feedback on this unique approach for connecting visitors with the most important resources for their immediate special needs.

April 5, 2008

With the growing awareness of the impact of our oral health on our overall health, those of you who prefer natural, rather than synthetic, products will be interested in the research on oral hygiene options presented in the article "The beehive bacteria-destroyer and 3 other herbs that will help keep you denture-free," by Kerry Bone. This article appeared in the February, 2008, issue of Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing newsletter.

The benefits and dangers of antibiotic pharmaceutical drugs are being discussed again in both public and scientific magazines and journals. We would all be wise to be well informed and make thoughtful decisions when presented with a medical recommendation to use an antibiotic. Below are a few articles to include in your own research:

Department of Health and Human Services; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work

Mayo Clinic
Antibiotics: Use them wisely

The Wall Street Journal
New Antibiotics Grow Scarce As Bad Bugs Multiply

Telegraph newspaper
Stop giving antibiotics for colds, doctors told

Natural News
The End of Antibiotics

Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net) project
funded by National Science Foundation
What doesn't kill them makes them stronger

Keep Antibiotics Working
Antibiotic Resistance Threatens Public Health

The first of three special "portal" boxes on the AHHA website home page has been activated. You are invited to go to OR click on the Sick? portal box on the home page. Take a brief, intimate journey to connect with the key resources appropriate for those dealing with an acute, painful, or life threatening illness or a chronic condition that affects your quality of life. In the very near future, the other two portals will be activated. Because the AHHA website has such a vast array of resources, we welcome your feedback on this unique approach for connecting visitors with the most important resources for their immediate special needs.

March 11, 2008

If you won't get moving on your own, perhaps your boss needs to make you move. Recently published research reveals that employees required to participate in daily group 10-minute exercise breaks during paid work time gained positive health improvements. How about sharing the article "Exercise Breaks at Work" with your boss? We thank the Natural Standards Research Collaboration for compiling this article.

In February, 2006, our Featured Issue was about how the manufacturer of a synthetic drug proved to have dangerous side effects was asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to label as a public danger a natural equivalent with no known negative side effects. While that approach didn't work, another one has worked.

In January, 2008, at the request of the manufacturer of the synthetic drug, the FDA banned the natural estrogen hormone, estriol, for use by compounding pharmacies. This means that menopausal women who have been taking natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) will want to check in with their physicians. It is probable that they will be unable to get a refill of their current customized BHRT prescription.

It is very important to point out that this is not a safety issue. If you read all of the material being written about this matter, you will discover that even the FDA and the pharmaceutical company behind this action are admitting that estriol is not a danger.

For the government's perspective you can review a transcript of the January 9, 2008 online "FDA Press Conference on FDA Actions on Bio-Identical Hormones."

AHHA has obtained a copy of a joint letter sent February 1, 2008, from a number of pharmacy and compounding pharmacy associations to the FDA outlining their position that this action is beyond the authority granted to the FDA. This letter can be reviewed online Joint Pharmacy Letter to FDA re January 2007 Compounding Actions (used with permission)

To give you some insight into the dynamics and motivation of the parties involved, the American Association for Health Freedom (AAHF) has compiled a history of the actions leading up to this latest FDA ruling. You can review online "Draw Your Own Conclusions: Timeline."

There is some hope for the women whose lives will be disrupted by this FDA decision. Discussion with industry sources indicates that if the FDA can be educated to understand the major impact of its decision and/or the inappropriateness of its action, the agency might be pressured to reverse its decision.

Some patients need to research the treatment options available for their condition to learn what types of healthcare professionals they need on their healthcare team. The Health Information Search Services list shows organizations that can research information and treatment options for any health condition, plus other health questions. You can specify conventional medicine and/or alternative approaches.

February 5, 2008

Sodium is crucial for proper fluid balance in the body and the healthy functioning of muscles. However, most Americans consume significantly more of this mineral than is necessary or even healthy. "Salt and Longevity" outlines research findings on the dangers of using that saltshaker on the table. Give yourself a break and reduce your salt intake. We thank the Natural Standard's Research Collaboration for compiling this article.

We might expect that a health advisory put out by the U.S. government would concern a dangerous drug or treatment option. A January 2008 advisory from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, recommends that doctors not use a drug used in chelation because the name is similar to another drug and a medical errorĐuse of the wrong drug--caused a death. Is working to eliminate chelation wise? Or is this recommendation an example of throwing the baby out with the bath water mentality? Read the following and decide for yourself.

"FDA Public Health Advisory Edetate Disodium (marketed as Endrate and generic products)"
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

"FDA's Stealth Attack on Chelation Therapy for Cardio-Vascular Disease"
Health Freedom Foundation (HFF)

Integrative Medicine Blog
American College for Advancement in Medicine

Valentine's Day is a time to share caring feelings with the special people in our lives. AHHA's Get Well(ness) Messages offer you some special caring thoughts.

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