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Quick Repair for Shoulder Tendonitis

A new nonsurgical treatment for painful calcium deposits within the tendons of the shoulder has been developed by Italian physicians. The physicians use ultrasound to precisely guide the injection of saline solution directly into the center of the calcium deposit. The saline causes the calcium deposit to break up and liquefy, allowing its complete extraction with a second needle.

The Italian physicians have treated almost 3,000 patients with calcific shoulder tendonitis with this new procedure and report a 71.7% success rate of removal of the calcification in one treatment.

Dr. Ronald Adler, a radiologist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York reports a 75% successful outcome utilizing this procedure in a group of 36 patients.

The entire procedure, performed by a radiologist, takes approximately 10-15 minutes and works best with single calcifications.

Research comments from The Health Resource Newsletter Vol. 24, No.l, 2008.

Source: Radiological Society of North America, Nov. 28, 2007
"Minimally Invasive Treatment Reduces Shoulder Pain from Tendonitis"
Co-authors are F. Lacelli, M.D., M. Gravano, M.D., G. Serafini, M.D., G. Garlaschi, M.D., and E. Silvestri, M.D.