The Promise of Growth Hormone

Reverse the Aging Process

For centuries, people have sought ways to retain the vitality and glowing health of youth. Now, as advanced research unveils the true causes of the aging process, we are discovering that the human body holds the key to its own rejuvenation. Researchers have documented that our bodies start to age–in our early 20s–when our pituitary gland slows down its production of Human Growth Hormone (also called HGH or GH). With all the ways we can now imagine living vibrant lives well into our 70s and 80s, this early, predictable decline in GH begins to look like a serious health issue.

More than 28,000 current scientific studies reveal that production of GH continues to decline as we age; therefore, increasing our GH levels can control or possibly reverse the effects of aging. Some of the positive benefits of GH include: improvements in energy level, muscle strength, emotional stability, eyesight, memory, healing of injuries, back flexibility, sexual potency, menstrual cycle regulation, resistance to common illnesses; new hair growth, restoration of hair to its natural color; an increase in body fat loss, disappearance of wrinkles, and a decrease in frequency of nighttime urination. In other words, GH seems to put the “you” back in “youthful.”

Many people over 25 years of age are using some form of Growth Hormone. If you are considering the use of GH for yourself, you need to be a well-informed health consumer.

Source of GH

Until recently, GH could be obtained only from humans or animals. Then, in 1984 scientists discovered how to bio-engineer human Growth Hormone. This substance, which is highly perishable, is called recombinant human Growth Hormone and is manufactured in a lab by duplicating the DNA sequential chain pattern of 191 amino acids. It is then incorporated into a purified cell culture, and the results are freeze-dried. Make very sure what you get is recombinant human Growth Hormone (or Somatotroph HGH) and not GH from animals.

Forms of GH

There are currently four types of products being used in GH supplementation programs:

Injectable GH: The majority of the research available is based on this injectable type. The patient injects GH directly into a muscle or the blood stream twice a day, up to six days a week, and normally under the care of a medical doctor. The program costs $600 to $1200 per month, but allows for rapid introduction of GH into the body. Shelf life of injectable GH is currently only about 14-27 days.

Oral Molecular GH: Most products of this type are GH in a solution that is sprayed into the mouth. Oral Molecular GH is more convenient and comfortable than shots, but is not absorbed as well. Additives are introduced to protect the GH as it goes through the digestive system and to assist the absorption of the large GH molecules. Most programs recommend one to two sprays, two to three times a day for three to five days a week. The additives increase the cost of the product, which is around $100 to $125 per month. Shelf life varies, but look for expiration dates under six months.

Homeopathic GH: This version of GH, available in liquid and tablets, combines the benefits of Growth Hormone with the 200-year history of the safety and lasting benefits of homeopathy. The GH is prepared according to classic homeopathic guidelines by diluting and succussing (shaking) to “add power” to the product. Homeopathic products are very stable and have a long shelf life. In the U.S. a full strength homeopathic Growth Hormone should not be lower than 6X potency. The liquid version is sprayed or dropped under the tongue and is fully absorbed within 15 seconds; the tablet version loses some effectiveness when converting to a liquid in the mouth. A homeopathic GH product is normally taken two to three times a day, five days a week; it is very easy to use and costs around $50 to $75 per month. A unique benefit of the homeopathic GH is the “retracing” that some people experience when the body’s systems go back and complete the repair of an old wound or health condition.

Secretagogue or Enhancer: This type of product does not contain any Growth Hormone, but is based on research showing that a combination of amino acids will stimulate the pituitary gland to produce GH. Amino acids are combined with nutrients, minerals, and herbs selected to create and enhance the effectiveness of the GH. These products usually come in powder, liquid and tablet forms. Most are easy to use, and the cost is about the same as the oral molecular GH products. A secretagogue program normally recommends the product be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, afternoon and just prior to sleep, up to seven days a week, with an occasional week off. Unfortunately, most people over 60 years and 30% of people under 60 have a poor response to secretagogues, probably because of other health problems. Due to the homeopathic action, however, a homeopathic secretagogue could be more effective than the other types.


No matter what type of GH program you choose, start using products gradually. Also, make a schedule with “time off” periods, so the body will not stop producing GH on its own. Most side effects are the result of too much GH. Watch for fluid retention, headaches, and nausea. If these occur, many people reduce dosage or stop taking the GH for a period of time, then gradually start taking it again. You may want to have access to a healthcare professional who is knowledgeable about GH so your concerns can be addressed and your progress evaluated.


If you’re over 25, you are most likely deficient in Growth Hormone and could expect to enhance your health and mental well-being by taking some form of GH. There are dramatic cases of gray hair returning to the original color, the restoration of youthful skin and muscle tone in a short period of time, etc., so some people do see rapid results. But be patient! Many GH programs take six to 12 months for the effects to be obvious. It took a long time to get “old,” and it may take a while to get “young” again! Be aware that when you discontinue taking GH “normal” aging will continue.

The choice is yours. Select the GH program that’s best for you, and start feeling more youth-full!