The Magic Power of Purpose

A Simple Strategy to Achieve Your Desired Goals

Living without purpose is living in a state of limbo that will get you nowhere and can be very stressful and full of uncertainty. The only certain thing that can happen to anyone who lives without purpose is that his or her life is empty and becoming emptier day by day. This kind of life is dull and duller.

Living on purpose, on the other hand, is living in continuous awareness and with a deeper understanding and knowledge that you have many choices in your life. With these choices come greater responsibility on your part. That is, it’s your responsibility to make the best choice out of many different choices that are available.

Living on purpose is also about living your life aligned with your true nature, your beliefs, your values, your vision, and your purpose.

I’m sure each of us would love to see and enjoy the story with the happy ending where our dreams become reality in our lifetime. To make this possible, we have to be willing to open ourselves by applying the living-on-purpose model in our lives. We practice living on purpose if we follow this simple step-by-step plan.

A. Write a simple and brief statement that clearly expresses your purpose, your vision, and your passion. What do you live for? What truly matters to you?

  • Make sure to keep the statement brief. Use a positive tone. Write what you do want, not what you don’t want.
  • Make your statement very specific, clear, and achievable.
  • Make it personal and authentic to your own so that you can fully connect with it.
  • Work with the words you write until you truly feel them deep inside your mind and your heart.
  • Trust that what you want is being accomplished.

For instance:

Every single thing that I do, I do it in the spirit of love.
I’m a good person and excellent leader.
I have total self-confidence in everything I do.
I have the talents, knowledge, and discipline to achieve________ [Name your desired goal].

B. Do this PRP (pause, reflect, and pray) every day, especially before you make any important decision or take any significant action.

  • Take several deep, relaxing breaths.
  • Gently close your eyes at the moment when you feel fully comfortable.
  • Feel the fresh air flowing throughout your body.
  • Speak your phrase seven times (silently or out loud).
  • Practice this exercise persistently and regularly during your busy days to reconnect to your inner-self.
  • Always remember what is most important to you. Why do you do what you do?

C. Establish a real connection between your deeper purpose, vision, or dream and any specific action you’re about to take. Specific actions with a bridge to your deeper purpose can incude the following:

  • A one-on-one meeting with your manager, professor, or a potential client.
  • Any important engagement with individuals or a group.
  • Any important telephone call, e-mail, memo, and anything you write.

D. Keep a daily journal. Write what you’re experiencing in your journal every day. Do this persistently, even if you write only a few words. After a month, you’ll reap the benefits of doing this positive exercise.

E. As in any good mind-body-spirit exercise, if you find yourself forgetting or losing focus, don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world. Begin again and lift yourself out of your frustration, self-destructive criticism, or over-analysis of why you didn’t do something. Make sure to pause for a moment when you get distracted. Start again, and you’re back on the right track. It isn’t how many times you have fallen that count; it’s how many times you get up. What counts is when you wake up, stand up, and start toward your goal again.