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Articles in this category are for people dealing with a health crisis. The focus is to provide a wide range of ideas and information supporting a holistically-oriented approach. These articles are NOT to be about the actual treatment of an illness or health condition.

The current articles in this category are arranged under the following Sub-Categories. If valuable articles do not fit, other broad sub-categories will be considered.

  • Ask for Help/ Social Support
  • Beliefs About Healing
  • Diagnosis-Now What?
  • Faith and Perseverance
  • Healing is Spiritual
  • Holistic Approach
  • Mind/Body Connection
  • Nutrition and Supplementation
  • Self-Discovery
  • Take Charge

Articles are solicited that offer unique, cutting-edge material of practical value in supporting the healing of the whole person - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is preferred that each article includes at least one practical self-help tool that the reader can use from the material presented - without needing to purchase anything. Materials may be for patients and/or their loved ones/support people.

Authors must have the education, training, and/or experience to be viewed as a credible expert on the material presented.

You can view the articles for this category that are currently online at HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE FOR DEALING WITH AN ILLNESS.

It is vital to also review the GENERAL GUIDELINES for preparing and submitting an article.