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Article submittals for this category are by INVITATION ONLY

Articles in this category are to meet the general public's growing need to understand Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The focus is to explain non-traditional healing approaches plus provide contact information for related professional organizations.

Each article is to deal with a different healing discipline or healthcare modality and include a simple explanation of what that modality is and does.

What is different from most presentations of this type is that each article must contain at least one practical self-help tool that the reader can use from the material presented. This will provide individuals the opportunity to experience first hand what may be unique about this approach to healing.

Leaders in various professional modality organizations are the ones being invited to create the article for their modality. When this is not feasible or available, a recognized expert in that field will be sought. Authors must have the credentials and/or leadership position to be an appropriate spokesperson for their specific professional modality.

The author's bio paragraph that accompanies the article is an additional opportunity for promotional exposure for the professional organization.

Related Resources
To support those readers motivated to learn more about a specific healthcare modality, each article presented must include a box listing the various professional organizations for that mode of healthcare - including contact data for each. The organization submitting the article is invited to assist in compiling this data.

It is vital to also review the GENERAL GUIDELINES for preparing and submitting an article.